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Bare Lashes
Monique Vi
Finally some lashes I love!

Natural looking but still glam feel! So flattering for my eyes! Thank you!

Bare Lashes
Maria Cazares

Recomiendo al mil no se arepentiran

Light weight

Simple and cute very light weight though I thought they would of been alot wispy-er but still looked good on.

Seductive Lashes
Alma Molina

Obsessed is an understatement!! Love how these lashes look so elegant yet sexy from every day looks to an evening out look. Will keep restocking these baddies again!

Love the eyeliner❤️

I really love the Birdy Liner. The mini version is so good for traveling or carrying in your purse on a night out. I like the way it applies and it’s adhesive as well as black eyeliner! Looking forward to purchasing again in clear and black!


The glue didn't stick at all!. :(
Also not enough product. Not sure if it was dried already or what.


I ordered these lashes and adhesive awhile but just today decided to try them on. The adhesive tube had never been opened until today and it is completely dried up.

XXX Lashes
Wendy Torres

XXX Lashes

Didn’t get my lashes at all! I contacted and sent an email
No one answered
Highly disappointed

Eyeliner Review

The magentic on the eyeliner worked wonders with the eyelashes, they never came apart. However, I was only able to get 4 uses out of it because it dried out. I will NOT purchase de eyeliner again, I should be able to use it more than that.

Beauty Lashes
Matilde Nunez
Love the style

I love the style Beauty. They’re wispy and light. However I was disappointed that I got to wear them only once. One lash, when I took the glue off, a big chunk of lashes ripped off :( I wear a lot of clear band lashes and on a daily basis, I’m very careful when I take off the glue and get many uses out of other lashes and that’s never happened to me before.

Bare Lashes

Bomb lashes!!!! I luv the “Bare” so simple for everyday use!

Bare Lashes
Valerie Calderon

Amazing product!
So chic

Bare Lashes
Mari Zazueta

OK so I'm very selective in buying lashes and I normally don't buy anything that has to do with YouTube gurus but I took a chance and bought the vacation collection and omg I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeee it was worth spending my Lil bit of money trust me
You need them in your life
I got ao many compliments the day I wore them
Specially bare that day I got so much attention
I need them in my life you won't be disappointed ladies

Bare Lashes
Sandra Tirado
Love them

Amazing I love them - so natural and lite

Route Package Protection
Alejandra Arellano
gemini lashes

absolutely loved them!!

Gemini Lashes
Brenda Gutierrez
My Favorite Everyday lash

Besides it being my favorite because of my sign it really is such a good everyday lash. Super easy to put of and they feel very comfortable and natural. I keep restocking since they first launched!

I know the liner is small but really expected more product to come out. Had a real difficult time using. I bought it to try it out to see if it was worth buying the big one. Kind of disappointed.

XXX Lashes
Miriam Burgueno
Amazing Lashes

Very comfortable in my eyes! They don’t feel heavy like other ones I have tried. The price is so worth it🙌🏼I receive a lot of compliments when I use them! 10000 percent recommended

Dream Lashes
Marcela Dominguez
Bomb lashes

I looove these lashes.. I have repurchased them like 3 times my absolute Favorite

Doesn’t glue well

I’m not happy with this purchase the glue isn’t as strong enough I rather do DUO lash glue

Seductive Lashes
Brenda Campos
I love them

I just love how they are so comfortable to wear everyday


Love them!!!!! if you wear glasses you will not be able to use them lol good thing we have contacts lol

great idea make some lashes to be able to wear them with glasses. :)

Victoria Beas
They are absolutely stunning

I gave them to my friend as a gift and she loved them! She said that their the lightest eyelashes that she’s ever owned and that she even forgets she’s wearing lashes because their so light weight and they look super cute on!

Bare Lashes

I really loved how light the lashes felt , but I do wish they were just a little bit fuller to were they look natural but not too thin , I really liked the old packaging they looked more high end and you could store them nicely in their case this packaging felt really cheap