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Finally I can wear lashes

I suck at putting on lashes I can never get them to stay or stick on so when Yas lunches the eyeliner I had to order it. Big game changer!!!! I did my eyeliner then added the lashes and other ppl say they don't stick or was off. I didn't have that problem I got home to tired took the lashes off and didn't even wash my face a new mommy here!! When I woke up I still had the eyeliner on it hadn't messed up. Got up to wash my face and it took some rubbing off to get it off!! Can't wait to order another one!!

Glue doesn't stick

I love the concept of glue eyeliner but it doesn't last after 1 hour the eyelashes start falling, and the top gets clumpy .

Black Liner does not stick

Liner does not stick at all. I also had my mom use it and lashes didn't stick. I feel it wash highly & falsely advertised. I love yas, but the product she's selling is not good at all.

Glue didn't stick

I really wanted this glue lash to work but honesty it didn't even last 1 hr i had to reapply it but did the same thing😏😏😏 they should work on that because i will still like to support!

Not good

I wanted to love the glue i really did I'm sad it didn't work for me .. I tried couple of times n lashes will just come off very sad.

AMAZING!!!!! Literally a game CHANGER!!!!!

I was so interested in getting these products because they look amazing! Once I tried the glue omg, omg it has made life so much easier to apply lashes on!! Seriously, it’s like magic in a bottle!!! Love love love it!!! It’s now a permanent staple in my makeup routines with applying lashes! I’m going to buy my mom and my best friend this product because it’s going to change their life and make applying lashes so much easier! So glad I bought every product!! Love it all!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Birdyliner Eyeliner - Black

Beautiful Lashes hate the glue!

The lashes are beautiful. No deny in that. Main reason why I posted 3 stars was because the eyeliner “glue” was honestly bad! My lashes did not stick. I bought both the black and white glue and it didn’t work. Purchase te lashes skip the glue.

Not good

I REALLY wanted this glue to work! It’s a good concept but this product just didn’t make my lashes stick. After 30 mins my lashes would start popping out! I would apply enough liner for the lashes to stick. Also after a few uses, the liner gets clumpy from the top and inside, so your next application is harder to do the liner. I wouldn’t repurchase.

Love them!!

So easy to apply and look gorgeous!

Birdyliner Eyeliner - Black

The black eyeliner did not work as an eyelash adhesive.

Wanted to love it

This eyeliner seemed like the perfect product😫 . I tried it 3 times and every time it would not hold the lashes and it smeared everywhere. Sadly it ruined my make up look all 3 times . Lashes did not stay put past 1 hour. I’m so sad it didn’t work !

Love it! Can't wait for a restock. Want to try clear eyeliner next.

Best eyelashes & eyeliner! Can’t wait to purchase again!!

Lashes are beautiful

I got the style Gemini and the Black adhesive liner. The lashes are gorgeous I love how natural they look. The liner is one of the darkest I’ve ever used and the best part is it stays in place. It does drys very quickly so you have to work very fast. Over all a 5/5

These lashes are great!

I love them so easy to put them on!

Amazing eyelashes 😍

I'm learning how to put eyelashes and this eyelashes where super fast and easy

Love these lashes!

I bought the Gemini lashes and I love them, will be purchasing the dream lashes as soon as it's available!

I love the eyelashes but the band was just to thick for me.

I love the eyelashes. I just don't like that the band is to thick.

So pretty

Love them they are so beautiful!!!

Easy to apply

I loved the lashes they were easy to apply and super pretty. Just that my lashes are super curly so the liner messes with them and makes them stick together, but that always happens to me.

Sadly disappointed 😞

This eyeliner/adhesive does not work at all!! I am so saddened because these was the product I was most exited for. I really thoughts it will work as it claimed to and seemed like a product sent from heaven based on how Yasmín desmostrated it! But, the truth is it is a horrible products!! First of all lashes don’t stick more than 3 minutes! I couldn’t get them to stick in my inner corners no matter what I did! I tried using it with other lashes I had, continued to have the same issue! I finally gave up and went back to my $3 kiss adhesive from Walmart which never budges! I had extremely high hopes for this eyeliner and I am so disappointed that it doesn’t work as it claims to! I must say I do love the lashes! Both Gemini and dream are beautiful!! Regardless, I don’t regret supporting a hard working Latina!!

Para mi más que un delineador es un pegante negro. No es de larga duración y las pestañas se despegan rápidamente en los extremos.

Dream Lashes