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Dream Lashes
Keila Martinez

I have purchased lashes from here before & im disappointed on the XXX my pair of lashes look completely different from each other & they don’t seem to stick on as easy.

Wing It Mascara
Fatima Ramos

I really was excited to use it but unfortunately it didn’t do much for my top lashes . Bottom lashes tho , bomb .

Wing It Mascara
Aide Salas
Wing it máscara

Absolutely love it! I’ve received many compliments and my lashes look so long! Definitely recommend this product.

Not the best but also not as bad

I love the bottom wand for the bottom lashes. But the formula for the mascara is not great at all. I was excited to use it but the mascara is too wet and takes a couple minutes to dry before I can apply a second coat. I have straight lashes and normally after curling them they stay up but as soon as I apply the mascara they go down. Maybe it works better for someone who has natural curly up lashes and thicker lashes .
The fact that the bottom wand does wonders to my bottom lashes is why I give it a 3.

Chic Lashes
Ana Testa

Love the natural look they give !! Second time purchasing them

WORST mascara that i have tried!!

I love her and was hoping amazing results due to everyone’s awesome reviews.
It is not volumizing at all! I have straight lashes, so I curled them and as soon as I applied the mascara, my lashes went straight back down and stay down no matter how many coats. The wand comes out super drenched in product and very very wet consistency. It is not waterproof, if they get any tiny bit of wet, the mascara start to smudge off in clumps.
$8 mascara from maybelline gives me better results, honestly.

Best Mascara periodT

Been looking for a mascara that would not leave black residue. I tried waterproof mascara,super expensive mascaras and nothing work like Wing it mascara!!! This mascara is EVERYTHING!!!

5 starss

Ordered wing it mascara and I’m obsessed 🤩 it makes my lashes look so beautiful

Wing It Mascara
Noemi Valdivia

Wing It Mascara

Wing It Mascara
Angelica Rodriguez
Wing It Masacara

I was very excited to try this mascara because of all the reviews I have seen and because I have very stubborn lashes; very straight and they point down and don’t hold a curl with 99% of masacraras in the market. Unfortunately this mascara did not work for my lashes. I curled them and immediately as I put mascara on them they fell and went straight. The color pay off was great. I let my lashes dry to see if I could maybe curl them and nope, they also felt like they had a coat of plastic on them. I know that it claims to be smudge proof but unfortunately I need a light fast drying waterproof mascara for my lashes. The downside is that I can’t get a refund :(

Wing It Mascara
Rosa Martinez
Excellent customer service!

The customer service really is great. I am very impressed at how quickly the items are shipped out.

Compact mirror case

Unfortunately it was due to weather change but I was disappointed in receiving my mini liner with no product. Customer service was pretty quick but the hassle of waiting for it to get back in stock plus having to pay shipping again in hopes it doesn't happen again.

Wing It Mascara
Anaiz Gonzalez
Best mascara ever made

Amazing product I love it it makes my lashes feel full and with length the brush is made to curl your lashes so well and the small bottom lash brush just perfect to not over due it with macará I highly recommend this mascara over any other one and the price is very accessible and not overpriced I love this mascara and will not use any other one good job on making such a great and amazing product. :)

Wing It Mascara
Isa Hermosillo
Best mascara ever

I've tried many mascaras from drug store to high end and this by far is the best!!

Lashes were ok but the glue was terrible

Birdyliner Eyeliner - Black
Elizabeth Herrera
Went into the trash

I previously left a review about the eyeliner / glue. They sent me a replacement but it went straight to the trash. Its good to use one time only, after it dries out or gets gluey and not way to apply it. Heard many reviews on the mascara but better not risk. I love watching her videos and follow her all over social media her makeup is just not good.

Loved, except…

Everything was perfect except the glue from the compact mirror, it was super dry that it seemed empty & brush inside tube was super hard. The lash glue/liner is amazing, loved the way the lashes looked. Mascara was also amazing.

Chic Lashes
Veronica Solis
Chic lashes

Got my order really fast no issues no problem. I was surprised on how quickly I got them. Love chic lashes one of my favorites

Naughty & Chula Bundle
Andrea Ramirez
Did not receive my order

I bought this on Black Friday and never received it. Do not purchase it because you may not receive it and lose your hard earn money.

Naughty & Chula Bundle
Cristal Rodriguez
I have not received my order!! I order on 11/24

I never received my order. I have emailed them but so far no response. Their customer service needs to be better!!

Naughty & Chula Bundle
Estela Gonzalez
I Love It!

I love the bundle! It was my first time using the mascara and I fell in love! Definitely recommend Birdylashes


I’m so sad about not receiving the product I really wanted to try out but I love Birdy lashes and all the products.

Wing It Mascara
Janet Reynoso

I can’t begin to express how amazing this mascara works. I absolutely love it, totally recommend it!

Wing It Mascara
Fabiola Huerta
Didn’t work as expected :(

I was so excited to try this mascara as it looked like it worked so nice for everyone. My lashes are usually flat so I have to curl them first before applying any mascara. Immediately after applying Wing It mascara my lashes became straight again :( I’ve always struggled with this and I thought this one would work. So if you have straight lashes this might not work for you.

Wing It Mascara
Joceline Lopez

My package never came, when I asked to get sent another one you guys never replied to my emails.