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Do not support. Not a kind, professional business person.

I love beautybird and I was excited to get my pairs of lashes from her to support her. But I am so sad to say that she isn’t going to take my money anymore for anything. She is not a kind person and does not allow people to have a difference of opinion. I asked her a question that was not rude as I like I said was a fan of hers but now I see how she treats her followers. She blocked me and am not proud to have spent money on her lashes. I rather go support small businesses who struggle to promote and make money on their hard worked lashes.

These lashes are a casual look but make your eyes stand out. I love them

Absolutely love the lashes! I get so many complements on them! They make me feel so pretty 😍


I am in love with my lashes very high quality can't wait to order another pair

I love them they look so pretty on.

Tried a few different times, liner looks great but definitely is not a good adhesive for lashes. Will keep trying but was not great right off the bat.


Love the seductive lashes

Stunningly Beautiful

The name to these lashes are really seductive! My husband complimented me on them. My favorite lashes made me feel beautiful!

Beautiful lashes !!!


Love Gemini lashes. Easy to apply

Love them 😍😍😍


These lashes make my eyes standout. I love them.


Beautiful lashes! Lightweight comfortable can’t wait for the dream ones!


These lashes look nice, but they don’t suit me because my eyes are small. These lashes are a bit dramatic, so they make my eyes look even more smaller. They literally go above my eyebrows.

Lashes were nice but the liner was a little difficult to work with. The lashes would only stick on certain parts of the liner(maybe it was drying too fast, even though I was going pretty quick) so when I would try and apply more liner for it to adhere better, the liner would peel off so would need to start all over. I’ll keep at it!

Great product! Not enough!

This was a great liner/glue but I used it 2-3 times and it’s empty, or dried out. That’s horrible! Why did that happen?

Amazingly beautiful

These lashes are so beautiful and lightweight! They are amazing! I love these lashes!

Perfection for my Eyes

Where do I start... These lashes are Ammazzinggg!!!! Literally 😍 Everyone has given me compliments and asked me where they from 👁. It's BirdyLashes baby.. I will continue to purchase more since I can't stop wearing them and need more for backup


I’m wearing seductive and I really love them my eyes stands out this was my first time using lashes I got Gemini also I wanted Dream but you were sold out, i will most definitely buy more ❤️


I love them and the price !!

Very nice, I love them 👌🏻

Expected more

I waited a while for the restock and I have to honestly say that it was not worth the wait. I bought 4 lashes and both the black and clear eyeliner. The clear liner is messy and just feel like a stick glue not a liner at all. The black liner goes on pretty well but does not work well as an adhesive. If you are looking for something with great hold then these are not it. Love BeautyBird but I these were not good.

Glam BAM!

I absolutely love these lashes! They are INCREDIBLE. They are very well made, lightweight but still oh-so-glam. They go on easily and didn’t lose a single lash when I took them off! These are IT!

I love them

I can honestly say they are my favorite lashes I just need to purchase the Dream set