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Best mascara ever!!

Best product

Best product ever!! I love how I’m easily it comes off at night and it last all day! Def going to buy for the third time

Mascara gurrrrrl

I have tried so many mascaras and this one is actually good and I’m not crazy about waterproof but this one is good. It helps hold the curl of the lash.

Wing It Mascara
Katherine Mendez
Love it!

I struggle with watery eyes due to allergies and have tried multiple water proof mascaras that literally aren’t as waterproof as it says it is. I literally look like someone broke my heart and made me cry end of day with other mascaras. With this one I haven’t had a problem at all and I love how it makes my lashes look which is a plus!

Gemini Lashes
Silvia Frausto

I love the Birdy lashes my two favorite are the Gemini and seductive lashes. I wear Gemini for my everyday day. They are the lashes I don’t have to cut to fit my eyes.

Wing It Mascara
Cristina M
Greatttt Mascara!!!!!

I bought this a month ago when the brand attended Shop Small SOIREE and I love this mascara. The more you use it the better it gets, my favorite part is the bottom lash wand, it makes your bottom lashes POP!
Only thing is that I wish I could get it in store at like Ulta, Target, or Sephora because shipping is a lot! Otherwise this mascara is BOMB.

Wing It Mascara
Ashley Avila

Wing It Mascara

Gemini Lashes
Ines Gijon
i have not recieved my order :(

The tracking number shows me nothing. I have pictures proof that the package stopped tracking days ago :( ive ordered before and had no issues


I honestly did not like this mascara it is very clumpy

The best eyelashes ever!

I can’t leave the house without them love them!

Dream Lashes
Esthela Ochoa-Alvarez
Dream lash

This is my favorite lash!! So pretty and subtle and so flattering!


This is the perfect mascara.
It's proof everything! I love the both wands, they are perfect.

Works GREAT in humid weather/overall

I recently moved to Nayarit Mex where it gets really humid and this is the only mascara that does not smudge on me at all and I’m an oily bisssh …LOVEEEE IT!

Beauty Lashes
Lydia Cortez

I thought I would love these but they were a huge disappointment.

Wing It Mascara
Brenda Rutherford

This mascara is amazing… my only wish is that the lower lash brush was a little bigger.

Wing It Mascara
liz zamora
I love the mascara.

i love it

Gemini Lashes
Veronica Aleman

Gemini Lashes

Wing It Mascara
Alma Martinez
Wouldn’t buy again

I wanted to love this mascara…. Unfortunately that was not the case. Doesn’t lift my lashes at all and it’s like an elastic consistency once a little water touches it’s game over.

Wing It Mascara
Mercy Trevino

The best mascara I have tried love it

Wing It Mascara
Saira Aragonez

I really looked forward for this mascara!
The mascara came out in clumps and made my eyelashes look terrible

Bare Lashes
Catalina Morales
I love Bare Lashes!

The most beautiful everyday lash I have ever used. They give you that little extra on a day you want to wear little to no makeup. They are comfortable and just give you the natural beauty, I was born this way vibes. Love them!

Compact Mirror Lash Case
Jailene Sanchez

I have no idea why I never purchased one before it’s a good item to keep after a night out, and the small clear liner is a life savor! Good combo I am definitely buying a second case

Gemini Eyelashes/ Long term user since they came out

They are my daily eyelashes I wear and will not replace for anything. They are the perfect eyelashes and most comfortable. The perfect natural look to my eyes. Amazing boost of confidence instantly with Gemini.

Love them💕

XXX Lashes
Karina Adame
best lashes

These are my favorite lashes! Very light weight, easy to apply. High quality, I’m obsessed l.

Wing It Mascara
Ruby Crispin

AHH LOVE IT!! I been looking for a good mascara for awhile now I am so happy I purchased it. My lower lashes are loving it :)