Yasmin Maya is a beauty entrepreneur and lifestyle creator. Beginning her journey over six years ago, Yasmin started her career on Youtube after feeling a lost of identity and trying to find joy during quite a difficult time. Her channel was founded on November 12, 2012 and from there her better known persona Beautyybird was born. Seven years later, Yasmin has created a safe home for her 'Beauties', showcasing herself as a proud Latina who embraces her culture and has over 3M followers to date.

From 2012 - 2020, Yasmin has become an authority in the beauty space, working with large beauty brands and breaking down barriers for latin consumers and talent alike. She used her voice to speak up and showcase that she is proud of her background and is seen as an inspiration to ones who felt they may need to hide their background to be accepted in the beauty industry. She has attended award shows like the Latin Grammy's and the Emmy's, as well as spoken on behalf of Youtube at one of their largest executive conferences on behalf of the Hispanic community to thousands of brands.

2020 is a full circle moment for Yasmin with the launch of her very own brand, BIRDY Lashes. This brand came out of Yasmin's passion for the beauty industry, love of her culture and wanting to create lashes and lash tools that are not only the best quality, but affordable to her audience who has supported her a long the way.

‘Always remember that with passion, dedication and a little bit of courage any dream is possible’ -Yasmin Maya